We DO accept returns/refunds for any PREMADE item within two (2) days after delivery as long as the item is photographed and returned UNHARMED and in resale condition.  PLEASE be sure to reuse the bubble wrapping that we send with all of our items, and carefully package the item to come back to our studio.  Once the item has returned to us safely, we will process the return funds immediately.


We do not accept returns and do not give refunds for CUSTOM items - masks or taxidermy heads.  We provide photographs (and video turnaround upon request) of all pieces before they leave our studio, and we package in thick bubble wrapping, air bags, and often with packaging peanuts as well.  Because photos are routinely sent and posted of the works in build, we cannot accept a custom back into our shop unless it is for repair, upgrades, or cleanings.



If you need to cancel BEFORE we have made the orders for your materials, we will send your money back to you in full. 


We do apologize, but we can't offer a refund once work has started on your pieces.  If you need help with something, just let us know.  We can meet via video chat or messages to help work out other pathways that will help us both. As a small business, we ask that you be dedicated to your piece enough to see it through before you make an order with us. Thank you!



To send a mask or trophy head in for repair or upgrading, simply pay for the shipping to and from our studio.  We don't charge for repairs or cleaning for the first year of your ownership.  After year one, there is a $50.00 fee.  We DO charge cost on any material additions such as LED lights of fans being added new during a repair.  Keep in mind we cannot repair a crushed or warped mask.  Please don't store your mask or faux taxidermy in a car trunk or in a high-heat situation!  Resin warps in intense heat!  As hinges are made of RESIN, they are likely to break.  Detachment of hinges or elastics is NOT a case of "breakage" and is something easily remedied at home with a small DIY with some high strength Gorilla Glue.  We are not responsible for your broken hinges if the mask arrives in good order and altogether. 




We no longer offer expedited shipping.  A standard shipping charge of $25.00 must apply to each order shipped in the United States.  For our International buyers, we must ask that clients take care of all shipping charges plus handle any and all duties fees and customs.

Work on masks doesn't begin until all materials are in. This usually adds three 1/2 weeks to the finish time.  Our bases come from Dream Vision Creations, Stuffed Panda Studios, or DrakonicKnight, and we place orders for blanks as commissions arrive.  Please bear in mind that some resin blank providers take a little longer than others to ship a blank; but we will always be glad to let you know where your blank is in the process!  Beastworks Studios LLC cannot guarantee the shipments of blank providers or their time frames for delivery.  Just like our clients, unfortunately at times we just have to wait a little longer.