Frequently Asked Questions!

Any questions?  They may have already been answered right here!

1.  What sort of fur do you use in your work?  Is any of it real?


I never use real fur, and any feathers I use are ethically sourced. 


I use only the highest quality luxury faux furs.  I'll never use substandard or "cheap" materials in my builds. 

I don't use craft fur or Mongolian faux.  It is simply too low quality and the thin backing is not suitable for masks.


2.  Does every mask you build have a moving jaw?


I specialize in moving jaws, but just let me know if you'd like a static mouth.  We can do it!


3.  Do you only make realistic masks?

Nope.  I can work with toony and semi-toony styles as well! 

4.  Are all of your masks built on resin blanks?

The vast majority of my work IS done on resin blanks, but I have built on foam a few times.


5.  When I get my shipment, what should I expect?

  Once your set is ready to go, I box it all up nice and tight - with plenty of padding to arrive safely at your door!  I offer insurance and a tracking number on each shipment, and you will find a goody bag inside filled with extras and freebies!

6.  Do you have any kind of a warranty?

I do! 

I offer FREE small repair service and deep cleanings for THREE YEARS after you receive your mask.  After that period is up, just pay $50.00 flat fee and we will take care of the rest for you.  Please read our POLICY PAGE for full understanding of what can and cannot be repaired under our small repair service.  We are not responsible for broken hinges, but we will gladly replace snapped ones.


*Please note, I cannot and will not honor free repair service on a crushed or warped mask, or for a set that has been abused.*



Clients and Buyers:

Artists are usually kind and helpful folks, but please remember we're still only human. 

I'm very forgiving of clients who come upon financial hardship, and typically work things out in a favorable

way for both that customer and myself. I have a great MANY clients, and when one is making waves,

it just takes away from those who kindly just abide by my policy of patience.

I have NEVER just not delivered a mask.  Unforeseen things can happen, but masks are always finished

and delivered.



Fellow Artists and Builders:

Remember that a client purchases your talent and work, not your life.  No one has the right to abuse an artist

simply because money has changed hands.  That's just not how business works.  Remember - in America, businesses

have the right to refusal. 

(But do NOT use this freedom as a reason to be discriminatory! That is DISGUSTING behavior.)

So long as your customer is refunded in full, that money is all that you owe them - without further explanation. 

You can give them a reason if you WANT to, but you owe them nothing but their money back.

  If you aren't going to work for them any longer, that money should be restored to them. 

Artists and creative small businesses struggle each day to succeed and carve out their own livelihoods. 

MANY fine artists are sole proprietors or live by freelance work.  These amazing people and small business

owners have my heart.

I stand up for ANYONE who is bullied, client or artist -

and for the amazing creative community in particular!

Everyone is fighting a battle.

Do No Harm.