Mask & Partial Custom Request Form

SERIOUS inquiries only, please.
Custom Mask ANY species: 
With payment plan of $260.00 down in order to begin.
Payments can be made from $100.00 to $250.00 - your pick!
** Please see note typed in RED below with asterisks which explains added fees **
Artistic License Mask:
You tell us the species and a few colors you like, and you leave
the rest to us.  Your mask will be of the exact same quality as a custom, with the same moving jaw, etc.  The only difference is, you trust my imagination to bring your baby to life.  This is a good choice for those who want a naturally colored mask.
Down Payment of 45% accepted to begin.  ($204.75)
(Examples:  "I'd like a wolf mask.  Any colors or patterns other than yellow, and I'd prefer either blind eyes or pink eyes!"  or  "I am interested in a natural colored red fox, but I would love to have blue eyes! )
Partial Set Price:
With payment plan of $472.50 down in order to begin.
Payments can be made from $180.00 to 280.00.  Your pick!
Partials Include Head, Hands, Feet, and Tail
*We are selective of partial commissions that we will accept at this time.  Give us a try to see if we are interested in adding yours to our queue.  Queue fills up FAST once it opens.  If we decide that we can fit you in, we will definitely write back to let you know of your approved slot!*
Viking/Burning Man/Wasteland Headdresses and Half Masks: 
$145.00 to $355.00
No payment plans available for headdresses, Half Masks, or mantles and capelets. 
Faux Fur Viking Mantles/Capelets: 
$85.00 to $110.00
Gloves :  $210.00
Feet:  $285.00
Tails :  Regular - $25.00  Large - $65.00
Wings:  $180.00 (bat style, no-pill fleece)
**  There are additional fees for LED lights, fan, horns, a mane or wig installation.
*55.00 for LED eyes
*55.00 for fan installation
$75.00 for full mane install
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