Beastworks Studios LLC began in 2014.  I began offering both custom masks and silicone prosthetic work. I eventually moved away from silicone and prosthetic jobs to focus my attention onto mask building.

It is my hope to give people choices, leave them inspired and filled with wonder.  I am just a huge kid from the 80's and feel that we ALL need a little more fantasy in our lives to take the sting out of the real world.  Fantasy was a HUGE part of the culture of the 80s, and being inspired by Walt Disney, Jim Henson and Rick Baker for most of my life has given me a different way of looking at the world.

I can safely say I have one of the GREATEST and friendliest convention teams known to mankind - and you can meet us all at various cons and renaissance festivals.  Some of my work even appears on television from time to time!  Stop by at one of our events and get to know us a little.  I promise we are always willing to chat and make friends, and Beasties ALWAYS stand up for each other and all of their friends and extended family!

Jacob, Cody, and Kerry


Hosting Panel at a Convention


Prop Shark Tail we built for "Christine" - the same car from Stephen King's movie.  The car, Christine, had a cameo in Sharknado 4, and we were asked to build a prop tail for her advertisements.  There are 2 cars left from that movie - and this one is the Camaro Killer, after restoration.